Home School Program of the Arts

We are proud to offer a full academic program for home-school students, in our Studios of the Arts, as well as our classes available for outreach. All of our curriculum follow both state and national standards of excellence. Our students will learn both traditional and modern methods in the classroom, and will have unique opportunities for collaboration and performances.


Homeschool Band


The Homeschool Band curriculum will focus around three main elements:

  • Educating the students to play their chosen instrument at a proficient level
  • Instructing students in the art of music theory
  • Cultivating their musicianship within themselves and across the band.

Students will be coached using traditional teaching methods, but will also engage in new activities designed to improve understanding within the band world. Students should expect to make practicing a regular activity, as new material will be added each class period. Throughout the course of the three month band program, students will learn three to four pieces of literature, ending the semester with a concert to showcase what they have achieved.

Homeschool Choir


Our choirs will focus on exploring the full range of the human voice, while developing music reading skills that apply to all genres and styles of music. Not only is singing FUN, but it also helps develop social and intellectual skills across many content modes. The latest research shows that children who sing in choruses experience  academic success and develop valuable life skills.

More than 10 million American children now sing in choruses and the majority of parents believe multiple skills increased after their child joined a chorus. Students will explore movement as it applies to choral performance practices and will have opportunities to perform in concerts, recitals and community outreach events.

Specific skills choir students will learn:

  • Vocal technique as it applies to the choral setting
  • General musicianship skills as it applies to all disciplines of music
  • Music notation and rhythm reading skills
  • Diverse choral styles and genres
  • To develop their listening skills
  • Performance skills and concert etiquette

Homeschool Orchestra


“Learn to play the violin, viola or cello!”

  • Correct playing posture and set-up for each instrument
  • Bow grip
  • Instrument care
  • To play with détaché, staccato, and legato bow strokes
  • How to master basic fingering technique and patterns in the first position
  • Learn or refresh our basic note reading and music theory skills

Students will engage in both learning about the different instruments and listening to the major repertoire.

All while making music, playing games and having fun together as a string


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